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Design and Planning

Design and Planning

At Gardens of Smiles our wealth of experience extends to all elements of the design process. We know that the perfect garden starts with perfect design, and our skills encompass the following key areas:

  • Consultancy, free initial meeting and the site survey
  • Site analysis and development of a design concept
  • Presentation drawings, sketches and 3D models
  • Masterplan
  • Lighting plan
  • Construction drawings (CAD)
  • Full specifications and tender preparation
  • Planting plan

Design Matters: Don’t let your dream garden be compromised by poor design – at Gardens of Smiles we work closely with you to ensure your garden is designed to fulfil all your requirements

1. Design and Development

designdevelopmentThe initial discussion of your needs, ideas and budget. Based on given information, a design brief would be created and a small site survey will also be carried out with all of the necessary information recorded. Several days later (usually up to 7 days depending on the scale of the site and complexity of information given) a sketch design would be submitted to a client.


2. Sketch Design

sketchingThe sketch design is submitted to a client. Typically it comprises of presentation drawings with outlined ideas and several sketches or images of design elements. If a client decides to proceed, the design will be discussed in more detail and adjusted accordingly. A full site survey would be undertaken (this typically includes measurements, drawings, photographs and a soil test) to explore and take advantage of all a site has to offer.

Visual information is also submitted to a client usually by means of sketches, 3D drawings and pictures of the designed layout. At this point, you would have a good idea of how your outdoor room is going to look like!

3. Masterplan


The masterplan is a scaled detailed drawing in colour with artistic impressions for display and\or comment. x-sections and perspective drawings will help further illustrate the interaction between the design and its user(s).

In addition, section drawings, Cost Estimate and Schedule of Works would be produced and submitted to a client. Once the masterplan and cost estimates have been agreed, a contract is created. Works will then begin within the timeframe agreed with the client upon contract sign off.

We can also provide additional documents as an optional component of
the design process:

  • Planting\Lighting Plans – Additional drawings produced to supplement a masterplan.
  • Construction Drawings – These drawings provide all the information, both graphic and written, about the project, hardscaping elements such as deck, water
    features or pavement.
  • Plant maintenance schedule – Additional information on plants maintenance and care.
  • Aftercare and seasonal maintenance schedule – We also provide an aftercare for both completed and existing gardens. This is arranged to maintain a high quality of garden elements for years to come.